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Seller's Honey Do List

While you don't have to (technically) do anything to your home to put it on the market, you are going to want to so you get the best return on your investment. Rolling up your sleeves and taking the time to shine up your home will make a huge impact on how your home shows to potential buyers and the offers they may bring. Think of it as preparing your home for it's first date with the buyer. It has to put its best foot forward!

Living Areas

1. Wipe down baseboards, trim, and doors to remove dirt and scuff marks.

2. Scrub light switches and outlets. (Be cautious using liquids around "live" switches and outlets. It is safest to shut off the breaker prior to cleaning.)

3. Shampoo/Replace carpet.

4. Touch up paint and fill any nail holes.

5. Clean ceiling fan blades and light fixtures.

6. Replace any missing or burned out light bulbs.


1. Scrub down cabinets. For scratches in cabinetry, use Old English scratch remover to remove the scratches. Deep scratches will not disappear but are less visible.

2. Wax/Polish floor.

3. Clean appliances.

4. Organize your pantry like the worlds most organized person lives in your home.


1. Clean/paint the front door.

2. Buy a new welcome mat and door decoration.

3. Clean gutters.

4. Shine/repaint shutters. I have had sellers use Armour All to clean their shutters and bring them back to life.

5. Power wash the deck/patio areas (including any furniture you may use for outdoor staging).

6. Clean house siding and windows.

7. Tidy up landscaping and add mulch where needed. Add fertilizer to the yard.

8. Don't forget the mailbox! Add fresh paint and numbers, if needed.


1. Deep clean tub, sink, and shower.

2. Replace the shower curtain.

3. Treat any scratches in cabinetry.


1. Replace furnace filter.

2. Wipe down your hot water heater.

If you are considering larger projects (i.e. finishing unfinished space, adding on to the home, renovating bathrooms, etc.), contact your Realtor® about your potential return when you do sell your home.

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