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My Adventures in Sourdough

There is a fascination going around with baking bread at home. Last year, my home was filled with the warm, delicious aroma of artisan bread as I tried to perfect the craft. So this baking season, it seemed that I was presented with two options: keep experimenting with artisan bread flavors and designs or try to master the science and art of sourdough. A Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl, paired with my absolute love for pretzels and cheese, the decision to start my sourdough journey an easy one.


Sourdough Starter (2)
Download PDF • 1.83MB

Day 1:

Definitely feeling like I am in fifth grade starting a strange experiment for the science fair. One cup of whole wheat flour and a half cup of purified water were stirred together to make a goo that I decided would be proudly displayed in an antique hutch in our kitchen. And now I wait 24 hours...

Day 2:

Friday night

date night ended with feeding sourdough starter! The recipe calls for discarding all but 1/2 cup of the starter. I had a full cup of starter, so I divided into two jars and I am now the proud baking mama to twin sourdough starters! I am penciling this in as the possible moment where I may have gone wrong.

Each starter was given one cup of whole wheat flour and 1/2 cup purified water and tucked away for the next 24 hours.

Day 3:

Both jars of starter were doubled in size already! What a boast of confidence in trying to master the science of starter (Although, this confidence boost could be fueled by the dinner wine that also had me leaving a good dusting of whole wheat flour on the counter).

Just as day 2, only 1/2 cup of the starter was retained for each jar. Today though, I had to throw away the remaining starter. DO NOT put your discard down your garbage disposal or sink. If you have a garden, this is a great soil additive. But if you are me and have a lab that will eat wild yeast flavored dirt, toss it in a plastic bag in your trash can. One cup of whole wheat flour and 1/2 cup of purified water were added and back to the cupboard they went.

Day 4:

Last day (hopefully) for starting the starter. The starter wasn't doubled again this morning, so I continued with a starter recipe again. (one cup of whole wheat flour and 1/2 cup of purified water.)

IF the goo doubles in size tonight, then tomorrow I move to "feeding" the starter and making all of the discard starter recipes. At this point, the starter will be active and the discard can be stored in the fridge for a variety of discard recipes. I am itching to try Sourdough crackers, waffles, and a cinnamon roll recipe. TIP: Use a dry erase marker, or a rubber band, to mark the level of the starter on your jar.

The next step of the starter recipe calls for bread flour. While all-purpose flour can be used for baking bread, it isn't preferred. The protein content is lower in all-purpose flour, so it does not soak up as much water and doesn't give the bread the same texture.

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